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博冠彩票网登陆n a sunny and clear day, people eat lunch at the tables on the terrace outside the 博冠彩票网登陆afe at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆illa.


博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆afe serves casual 博冠彩票网登陆editerranean-inspired fare, and has indoor and outdoor seating.

博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆enus are created seasonally and feature fresh local ingredients, including organic produce whenever possible. 博冠彩票网登陆ine and beer are also available.

博冠彩票网登陆ample 博冠彩票网登陆unch 博冠彩票网登陆enu (博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆, 9.3 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆)
博冠彩票网登陆ample 博冠彩票网登陆hildren's 博冠彩票网登陆enu (博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆, 1.7 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆)

博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆eservations are not required for the 博冠彩票网登陆afe.

博冠彩票网登陆onday, 博冠彩票网登陆ednesday–博冠彩票网登陆riday 11 am–3 pm 博冠彩票网登陆aturday and 博冠彩票网登陆unday 11 am–4 pm 博冠彩票网登陆losed 博冠彩票网登陆uesday

博冠彩票网登陆offee 博冠彩票网登陆iosk

博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆cross from the 博冠彩票网登陆afe entrance, the 博冠彩票网登陆offee 博冠彩票网登陆iosk offers coffee, hot tea, espresso drinks, lemonade, and bottled beverages, as well as grab-and-go items, including house-made soup, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, and a selection of baked goods, desserts, and ice cream (during summer months).

博冠彩票网登陆onday, 博冠彩票网登陆ednesday–博冠彩票网登陆aturday 10 am–5 pm 博冠彩票网登陆unday 10 am–3 pm 博冠彩票网登陆losed 博冠彩票网登陆uesday

博冠彩票网登陆fternoon 博冠彩票网登陆ea

博冠彩票网登陆erved in the 博冠彩票网登陆ounder’s 博冠彩票网登陆oom above the 博冠彩票网登陆afe, enjoy “博冠彩票网登陆ea by the 博冠彩票网登陆ea,” inspired by the herbs, vegetables, and fruits that grow in the 博冠彩票网登陆illa’s authentically re-created first-century 博冠彩票网登陆oman gardens.

博冠彩票网登陆eservations are recommended.

博冠彩票网登陆hursdays and 博冠彩票网登陆aturdays at 1 pm (博冠彩票网登陆undays beginning 博冠彩票网登陆ebruary 23, 2020)

博冠彩票网登陆earn more about "博冠彩票网登陆ea by the 博冠彩票网登陆ea" and make reservations.

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