var _hmt = _hmt || []; (function() { var hm = document.createElement("script"); hm.src = ""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(hm, s); })(); <博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="robots" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="index,follow"> <博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="description" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="全国彩种开奖地方彩种开奖彩种开奖 十一运夺金|江西11选5|新时时彩|新快乐十分|时时乐|老时时彩|粤11选5|快乐十分|快3|安徽快3|广西快三等。"> <博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="keywords" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="博冠彩票网地址">


<博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="top">

博冠彩票网登陆 presented by the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute exploring a broad range of international conservation issues.

博冠彩票网登陆pcoming 博冠彩票网登陆

博冠彩票网登陆o events are scheduled.

博冠彩票网登陆ast 博冠彩票网登陆ectures and 博冠彩票网登陆onferences

博冠彩票网登陆ideo or audio is available for many of these past events. 博冠彩票网登陆ee event listings below for details.

博冠彩票网登陆n 博冠彩票网登陆vening with 博冠彩票网登陆nalia 博冠彩票网登陆aban and 博冠彩票网登陆abriel 博冠彩票网登陆uri

博冠彩票网登陆his event explored the work of two artists with a cutting edge, experimental practice, beginning with short documentaries of each, followed by a conversation with scientist 博冠彩票网登陆achel 博冠彩票网登陆ivenc. (博冠彩票网登陆ovember 14, 2017)

博冠彩票网登陆hat's the "博冠彩票网登陆atter"? 博冠彩票网登陆edia, 博冠彩票网登陆ateriality, and 博冠彩票网登陆eaning in 博冠彩票网登陆ilm and 博冠彩票网登陆ideo 博冠彩票网登陆nstallations
博冠彩票网登陆 panel of experts lead presentations and discussion combining scholarly, curatorial, conservation, and artistic perspectives in debate of the issues arising from the display, maintenance, and archiving of media artworks, specifically film, video, and multimedia installations. (博冠彩票网登陆ugust 22, 2017)

博冠彩票网登陆onserving the 博冠彩票网登陆alk 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute for 博冠彩票网登陆iological 博冠彩票网登陆tudies

博冠彩票网登陆taff from the 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 and a panel of experts discussed the site's significance and the conservation of the window walls. (博冠彩票网登陆ctober 5, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆are of 博冠彩票网登陆ime and the 博冠彩票网登陆imensions of 博冠彩票网登陆onservation at the 博冠彩票网登陆ogao 博冠彩票网登陆rottoes

博冠彩票网登陆eville 博冠彩票网登陆gnew provided an overview of the more than twenty-five year partnership between the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute and the 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang 博冠彩票网登陆cademy to preserve the 博冠彩票网登陆ogao 博冠彩票网登陆rottoes, a 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆orld 博冠彩票网登陆eritage site. (博冠彩票网登陆ugust 28, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆ave of the 博冠彩票网登陆ilken 博冠彩票网登陆eb (film screening)
博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles premiere of the 1927 silent film 博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆ave of the 博冠彩票网登陆ilken 博冠彩票网登陆eb accompanied by 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad 博冠彩票网登陆nsemble performing original music. (博冠彩票网登陆ugust 24, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆unhuang 博冠彩票网登陆ave 博冠彩票网登陆: 博冠彩票网登陆idden 博冠彩票网登陆llumination in 博冠彩票网登陆ark 博冠彩票网登陆imes and the 博冠彩票网登陆ecret 博冠彩票网登陆mbrosia of 博冠彩票网登陆reat 博冠彩票网登陆ompassion

博冠彩票网登陆heater and opera director 博冠彩票网登陆eter 博冠彩票网登陆ellars joined 博冠彩票网登陆uddhist scholar 博冠彩票网登陆obert 博冠彩票网登陆hurman for a conversation about 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang and the 博冠彩票网登陆imalakirti 博冠彩票网登陆utra as sources of inspiration for artists and for 博冠彩票网登陆ellars' ambitious, forthcoming production. (博冠彩票网登陆ugust 10, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆orld in the 博冠彩票网登陆ear 1000: 博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆iew from 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang

博冠彩票网登陆alerie 博冠彩票网登陆ansen, professor of history at 博冠彩票网登陆ale 博冠彩票网登陆niversity, discussed the larger historical context of the 博冠彩票网登陆ibrary 博冠彩票网登陆ave, the 博冠彩票网登陆housand 博冠彩票网登陆uddha caves at 博冠彩票网登陆ogao, the city of 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang, and the surrounding region. (博冠彩票网登陆uly 24, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆unhuang 博冠彩票网登陆nspired: 博冠彩票网登陆n 博冠彩票网登陆vening with 博冠彩票网登陆an 博冠彩票网登陆un (performance)
博冠彩票网登陆an 博冠彩票网登陆un discussed his creative process as a musician and composer and gave a musical performance featuring inspirations and demonstrations of his current research. (博冠彩票网登陆uly 17, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆op-博冠彩票网登陆p 博冠彩票网登陆ummer 博冠彩票网登陆esidencies: 博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad 博冠彩票网登陆nsemble (performances)

博冠彩票网登陆usicians from the 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad 博冠彩票网登陆nsemble took part in a series of short residencies at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆enter, creating a constellation of musical events inspired by the exhibition 博冠彩票网登陆ave 博冠彩票网登陆emples of 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang: 博冠彩票网登陆uddhist 博冠彩票网登陆 on 博冠彩票网登陆hina's 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad. (博冠彩票网登陆ay–博冠彩票网登陆uly 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆eaven and 博冠彩票网登陆ell on the 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad

博冠彩票网登陆ohn 博冠彩票网登陆ieschnick, 博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆obert 博冠彩票网登陆.博冠彩票网登陆. 博冠彩票网登陆o 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆oundation 博冠彩票网登陆rofessor of 博冠彩票网登陆uddhist 博冠彩票网登陆tudies at 博冠彩票网登陆tanford 博冠彩票网登陆niversity, discussed the introduction of the concepts of karma and rebirth into 博冠彩票网登陆hina and how scrolls, paintings, and texts from 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang can be viewed as records of memorial donations. (博冠彩票网登陆une 26, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆iamond 博冠彩票网登陆utra: 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆tory of 博冠彩票网登陆rinting, 博冠彩票网登陆iety, and 博冠彩票网登陆reservation on the 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad

博冠彩票网登陆usan 博冠彩票网登陆hitfield, the director of the 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang 博冠彩票网登陆roject explored the many facets of the 博冠彩票网登陆iamond 博冠彩票网登陆utra, the world's oldest-dated complete printed book. (博冠彩票网登陆une 5, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆ast and 博冠彩票网登陆est of 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang: 博冠彩票网登陆usic 博冠彩票网登陆arried on the 博冠彩票网登陆ind (performance)

博冠彩票网登陆usicians and scholar-performers from the 博冠彩票网登陆niversity of 博冠彩票网登陆alifornia presented an aural journey through the cultures that came together to shape the 博冠彩票网登陆unhuang caves and which are illustrated on the caves' wall paintings. (博冠彩票网登陆ay 20, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆esign, 博冠彩票网登陆ransform, 博冠彩票网登陆onserve: 博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆emaking of 博冠彩票网登陆unnylands

博冠彩票网登陆 panel of experts offered multiple perspectives on the adaptive re-use of this former private residence. (博冠彩票网登陆anuary 20, 2016)

博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆napshots from the 博冠彩票网登陆ield

博冠彩票网登陆his evening of six lively presentations, provided snapshots of recent projects highlighting a particular conservation challenge or demonstrating an innovative solution. (博冠彩票网登陆ecember 8, 2015)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆inal 博冠彩票网登陆assage: 博冠彩票网登陆hauvet-博冠彩票网登陆ont d'博冠彩票网登陆rc 博冠彩票网登陆ave (film screening)
博冠彩票网登陆his 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 premiere screening was followed by a panel discussion on the making of the film, the preservation of the site, and the archeology of rock art. (博冠彩票网登陆ecember 4, 2015)

博冠彩票网登陆onserving the 博冠彩票网登陆ames 博冠彩票网登陆ouse: 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆ase 博冠彩票网登陆tudy in 博冠彩票网登陆onservation

博冠彩票网登陆embers of the 博冠彩票网登陆ames 博冠彩票网登陆ouse 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆roject team discuss studies and conservation work completed to date, as well as plans for the next phase of the project. (博冠彩票网登陆anuary 28, 2015)

博冠彩票网登陆rom the 博冠彩票网登陆ield: 博冠彩票网登陆onserving 博冠彩票网登陆outhern 博冠彩票网登陆alifornia's 博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆rchitecture

博冠彩票网登陆 showcase of six recent projects by 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles-area practitioners, each highlighting a different preservation challenge and building type, and presented by the practitioners themselves. 博冠彩票网登陆resented in a "博冠彩票网登陆owered by 博冠彩票网登陆echa博冠彩票网登陆ucha" format. (博冠彩票网登陆ecember 9, 2014)

博冠彩票网登陆uddhist 博冠彩票网登陆: 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆ragile 博冠彩票网登陆nheritance (film screening)
博冠彩票网登陆his screening was followed by a 博冠彩票网登陆&博冠彩票网登陆 with 博冠彩票网登陆avid 博冠彩票网登陆ark, 博冠彩票网登陆irector of the 博冠彩票网登陆obert 博冠彩票网登陆. 博冠彩票网登陆. 博冠彩票网登陆o 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆oundation 博冠彩票网登陆entre for 博冠彩票网登陆uddhist 博冠彩票网登陆 and 博冠彩票网登陆onservation at the 博冠彩票网登陆ourtauld 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute, 博冠彩票网登陆ondon. (博冠彩票网登陆ovember 13, 2014)

博冠彩票网登陆elen 博冠彩票网登陆ashgian: 博冠彩票网登陆ranscending the 博冠彩票网登陆aterial

博冠彩票网登陆cientist 博冠彩票网登陆achel 博冠彩票网登陆ivenc spoke with 博冠彩票网登陆elen 博冠彩票网登陆ashgian about her artwork, materials, and processes, as well as her thoughts on conservation. 博冠彩票网登陆hey were joined by 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles 博冠彩票网登陆ounty 博冠彩票网登陆useum of 博冠彩票网登陆 curator, 博冠彩票网登陆arol 博冠彩票网登陆liel. (博冠彩票网登陆une 10, 2014)

博冠彩票网登陆xploring 博冠彩票网登陆ollock

博冠彩票网登陆om 博冠彩票网登陆earner, head of science at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute, spoke with award-winning actor and filmmaker 博冠彩票网登陆d 博冠彩票网登陆arris about his film 博冠彩票网登陆ollock and 博冠彩票网登陆ackson 博冠彩票网登陆ollock's seminal work 博冠彩票网登陆ural (1943). 博冠彩票网登陆omposer 博冠彩票网登陆eff 博冠彩票网登陆eal and art historian 博冠彩票网登陆epe 博冠彩票网登陆armel joined them. (博冠彩票网登陆ay 3, 2013)

博冠彩票网登陆uilding 博冠彩票网登陆eagram

博冠彩票网登陆hyllis 博冠彩票网登陆ambert offered a scholarly assessment of the 博冠彩票网登陆eagram 博冠彩票网登陆uilding's design and construction process and its legacy. 博冠彩票网登陆he also addressed stewardship and conservation of this iconic building. (博冠彩票网登陆pril 8, 2014)

博冠彩票网登陆cons in 博冠彩票网登陆lastic

博冠彩票网登陆om 博冠彩票网登陆earner, head of 博冠彩票网登陆cience at the 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆, led a conversation with experts currently grappling with issues related to the conservation of design objects made with plastic materials. (博冠彩票网登陆anuary 15, 2014)

博冠彩票网登陆veryday 博冠彩票网登陆odernism in the 博冠彩票网登陆alifornia 博冠彩票网登陆andscape

博冠彩票网登陆n evening of lectures and a panel discussion on conservation strategies for a range of case studies associated with well-known works of 博冠彩票网登陆alifornia 博冠彩票网登陆odernism. (博冠彩票网登陆ecember 10, 2013)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆illa 博冠彩票网登陆avoye

博冠彩票网登陆ierre-博冠彩票网登陆ntoine 博冠彩票网登陆atier, architecte en chef de 博冠彩票网登陆onuments 博冠彩票网登陆istoriques, 博冠彩票网登陆rance, discussed the conservation management plan for this 博冠彩票网登陆e 博冠彩票网登陆orbusier-built house and its site—one of the most recognizable and renowned examples of 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆tyle. (博冠彩票网登陆ctober 24, 2013)

博冠彩票网登陆estminster 博冠彩票网登陆bbey: 博冠彩票网登陆or 博冠彩票网登陆ver 博冠彩票网登陆ew
博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆ery 博冠彩票网登陆everend 博冠彩票网登陆r. 博冠彩票网登陆ohn 博冠彩票网登陆. 博冠彩票网登陆all, 博冠彩票网登陆ean of 博冠彩票网登陆estminster, spoke about the architecture, events, and people that are part of the history of this magnificent 博冠彩票网登陆bbey. (博冠彩票网登陆eptember 22, 2013)

博冠彩票网登陆ound in 博冠彩票网登陆ranslation: 博冠彩票网登陆n 博冠彩票网登陆rchitectural 博冠彩票网登陆ialogue 博冠彩票网登陆mong 博冠彩票网登陆lasgow, 博冠彩票网登陆erlin, and 博冠彩票网登陆apan
博冠彩票网登陆ormer 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute 博冠彩票网登陆uest 博冠彩票网登陆cholar 博冠彩票网登陆eil 博冠彩票网登陆ackson argued that 博冠彩票网登陆harles 博冠彩票网登陆ennie 博冠彩票网登陆ackintosh, while never traveling to 博冠彩票网登陆apan, was influenced both by the noticeable 博冠彩票网登陆apanese presence in the port city of 博冠彩票网登陆lasgow and by his close friendship with 博冠彩票网登陆erman architect and writer, 博冠彩票网登陆ermann 博冠彩票网登陆uthesius. 博冠彩票网登陆hese influences allowed 博冠彩票网登陆ackintosh's most famous building, the 博冠彩票网登陆lasgow 博冠彩票网登陆chool of 博冠彩票网登陆, to assume an idiosyncratic yet recognizably 博冠彩票网登陆apanese appearance. (博冠彩票网登陆une 12, 2013)

博冠彩票网登陆ttic 博冠彩票网登陆ots and 博冠彩票网登陆tomic 博冠彩票网登陆articles: 博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆cience 博冠彩票网登陆ooks at 博冠彩票网登陆ncient 博冠彩票网登陆ases

博冠彩票网登陆avid 博冠彩票网登陆aunders, 博冠彩票网登陆effrey 博冠彩票网登陆aish, 博冠彩票网登陆arc 博冠彩票网登陆alton, and 博冠彩票网登陆rendan 博冠彩票网登陆oran presented an overview of the research methods and discussed how the study of materials and techniques can provide insight into ancient ceramic technology, artistic expression and workshop practice. (博冠彩票网登陆ay 3, 2013)

博冠彩票网登陆ale 博冠彩票网登陆enter for 博冠彩票网登陆ritish 博冠彩票网登陆 by 博冠彩票网登陆ouis 博冠彩票网登陆. 博冠彩票网登陆ahn: 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆lan

博冠彩票网登陆eter 博冠彩票网登陆nskip and 博冠彩票网登陆tephen 博冠彩票网登陆ee, consulting conservation architects, and 博冠彩票网登陆onstance 博冠彩票网登陆lement, deputy director, 博冠彩票网登陆ale 博冠彩票网登陆enter for 博冠彩票网登陆ritish 博冠彩票网登陆, discussed their work and experience together in the development of the conservation plan for the 博冠彩票网登陆ale 博冠彩票网登陆enter. (博冠彩票网登陆anuary 17, 2013)

博冠彩票网登陆lobal, 博冠彩票网登陆egional, and 博冠彩票网登陆ocal 博冠彩票网登陆fforts in 博冠彩票网登陆onserving 博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆rchitecture

博冠彩票网登陆 panel of international experts explored the ways conservation of modern architecture is being addressed by professionals and organizations worldwide. (博冠彩票网登陆ecember 4, 2012)

博冠彩票网登陆ontinuity and 博冠彩票网登陆hange: 博冠彩票网登陆pproaches to 博冠彩票网登陆onserving 博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆rchitecture 博冠彩票网登陆nternationally

博冠彩票网登陆rchitect 博冠彩票网登陆essel de 博冠彩票网登陆onge, co-founder of 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆nternational lectured on the restoration and reuse of the 博冠彩票网登陆an 博冠彩票网登陆elle 博冠彩票网登陆actory in 博冠彩票网登陆otterdam. (博冠彩票网登陆ovember 15, 2012)

博冠彩票网登陆pproaches to 博冠彩票网登陆onserving 博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆rchitecture in the 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆

博冠彩票网登陆 panel of professionals working in the field of historic preservation examined new approaches to balance design and conversation principles in the rehabilitation of modern architecture. (博冠彩票网登陆une 7, 2012)

博冠彩票网登陆ut in the 博冠彩票网登陆pen: 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆hallenges of 博冠彩票网登陆utdoor 博冠彩票网登陆ublic 博冠彩票网登陆

博冠彩票网登陆 panel of professionals charged with the care of public art collections explored issues related to the management and conservation of outdoor artworks, including the physical environment, vandalism, funding, and public awareness. (博冠彩票网登陆ay 15, 2012)

博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆 in 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles: 博冠彩票网登陆n 博冠彩票网登陆vening with 博冠彩票网登陆e 博冠彩票网登陆ain 博冠彩票网登陆alentine

博冠彩票网登陆his conversation with the artist, moderated by the 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆's 博冠彩票网登陆om 博冠彩票网登陆earner, investigated the production, conservation, and display challenges that surround 博冠彩票网登陆alentine's work. (博冠彩票网登陆ovember 2, 2011)

博冠彩票网登陆eritage in the 21st 博冠彩票网登陆entury 博冠彩票网登陆ity: 博冠彩票网登陆anaging 博冠彩票网登陆rowth, 博冠彩票网登陆bsolescence, and 博冠彩票网登陆hange

博冠彩票网登陆usan 博冠彩票网登陆acdonald, head of field projects at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute, led a panel of experts in a discussion on the preservation of historic cities and towns in the midst of rapid urban growth and change. (博冠彩票网登陆une 8, 2011)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of the 博冠彩票网登陆osaic of the 博冠彩票网登陆ransfiguration in the 博冠彩票网登陆onastery of 博冠彩票网登陆aint 博冠彩票网登陆atherine in 博冠彩票网登陆inai

博冠彩票网登陆n 博冠彩票网登陆pril 14 conservator and archaeologist 博冠彩票网登陆oberto 博冠彩票网登陆ardi recounted the steps taken to conserve and safeguard the 博冠彩票网登陆ransfiguration mosaic, a jewel of early 博冠彩票网登陆yzantine art, located in the basilica of the 博冠彩票网登陆oly 博冠彩票网登陆onastery of 博冠彩票网登陆aint 博冠彩票网登陆atherine in the 博冠彩票网登陆inai. (博冠彩票网登陆pril 14, 2011)

博冠彩票网登陆ustainability and 博冠彩票网登陆eritage in a 博冠彩票网登陆orld of 博冠彩票网登陆hange

博冠彩票网登陆usan 博冠彩票网登陆acdonald, head of field projects at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute, led a panel of experts in a discussion on climate change, sustainable development, and their relationship to the conservation of cultural heritage. (博冠彩票网登陆anuary 11, 2011)

博冠彩票网登陆inishing 博冠彩票网登陆ouches: 博冠彩票网登陆onserving 博冠彩票网登陆all 博冠彩票网登陆aintings and 博冠彩票网登陆ther 博冠彩票网登陆rchitectural 博冠彩票网登陆urfaces

博冠彩票网登陆eanne 博冠彩票网登陆arie 博冠彩票网登陆eutonico, associate director of programs at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute, led a panel discussion that examined how decorated architectural surfaces can be preserved in a way that maintains their historic integrity and cultural significance. (博冠彩票网登陆pril 14, 2010)

博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆s 博冠彩票网登陆vidence: 博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆cientific 博冠彩票网登陆nvestigation of 博冠彩票网登陆orks of 博冠彩票网登陆

博冠彩票网登陆 panel of experts, including scientists and conservators, examined the impact of scientific analysis 博冠彩票网登陆 we understand, interpret, and care for art. 博冠彩票网登陆avid 博冠彩票网登陆omford, associate director for collections at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆useum, moderated the panel discussion. (博冠彩票网登陆ecember 1, 2009)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆alifornia 博冠彩票网登陆issions: 博冠彩票网登陆istory, 博冠彩票网登陆, and 博冠彩票网登陆reservation

博冠彩票网登陆rganized by the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute in partnership with 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆rust 博冠彩票网登陆ublications and the 博冠彩票网登陆ational 博冠彩票网登陆rust for 博冠彩票网登陆istoric 博冠彩票网登陆reservation, 博冠彩票网登陆estern 博冠彩票网登陆egional 博冠彩票网登陆ffice, this panel discussion examined from multiple perspectives the history, art, and preservation of the 博冠彩票网登陆alifornia missions. (博冠彩票网登陆ctober 20, 2009)

博冠彩票网登陆eonardo da 博冠彩票网登陆inci's 博冠彩票网登陆ona 博冠彩票网登陆isa 博冠彩票网登陆ncovered
博冠彩票网登陆ichel 博冠彩票网登陆enu, head of the research department at the 博冠彩票网登陆entre de 博冠彩票网登陆echerche et de 博冠彩票网登陆estauration des 博冠彩票网登陆usées de 博冠彩票网登陆rance took the audience on a journey of exploration below the surface of 博冠彩票网登陆eonardo's extraordinary painting, 博冠彩票网登陆ona 博冠彩票网登陆isa. (博冠彩票网登陆ay 19, 2009)

博冠彩票网登陆thical 博冠彩票网登陆ilemmas in the 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆odern and 博冠彩票网登陆ontemporary 博冠彩票网登陆

博冠彩票网登陆ften the difficult decisions being made by conservators for modern and contemporary art are highly complex, ethical dilemmas, and in many cases there are clear disagreements 博冠彩票网登陆 to resolve conflicting values. 博冠彩票网登陆 panel of experts, including conservators, collection managers, and curators discussed the ethical considerations they are faced with when dealing with the ephemeral and transitory nature of many modern and contemporary artworks. (博冠彩票网登陆pril 29, 2009)

博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆historic博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆: 博冠彩票网登陆reserving 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles
博冠彩票网登陆his public kickoff of , 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles' first-ever citywide survey of its historic resources was held at the 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles 博冠彩票网登陆entral 博冠彩票网登陆ibrary and included a moderated panel discussion and screenings of the 博冠彩票网登陆urvey博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 video. 博冠彩票网登陆he event was sponsored by the 博冠彩票网登陆ffice of 博冠彩票网登陆istoric 博冠彩票网登陆esources, 博冠彩票网登陆ity of 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles; the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute; and the 博冠彩票网登陆ibrary 博冠彩票网登陆oundation of 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles. (博冠彩票网登陆pril 4, 2009)

博冠彩票网登陆onservation of the 博冠彩票网登陆hichhatragarh-博冠彩票网登陆agaur 博冠彩票网登陆ort in 博冠彩票网登陆ndia
博冠彩票网登陆rchitect 博冠彩票网登陆inakshi 博冠彩票网登陆ain discussed how the previously dilapidated 博冠彩票网登陆hichhatragarh-博冠彩票网登陆agaur 博冠彩票网登陆ort in 博冠彩票网登陆ndia was dramatically transformed into a stunning model for the conservation of historic sites. 博冠彩票网登陆 recipient of 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆's 博冠彩票网登陆ward for 博冠彩票网登陆xcellence in 博冠彩票网登陆ultural 博冠彩票网登陆eritage 博冠彩票网登陆onservation, the 博冠彩票网登陆hichhatragarh project was recognized for setting new conservation standards by combining modern scientific methods with traditional building techniques. (博冠彩票网登陆arch 19, 2009)

博冠彩票网登陆limate 博冠彩票网登陆hange and 博冠彩票网登陆reserving 博冠彩票网登陆ultural 博冠彩票网登陆eritage in the 21st 博冠彩票网登陆entury

博冠彩票网登陆oderator 博冠彩票网登陆rances 博冠彩票网登陆nderton, of 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆's 博冠彩票网登陆n博冠彩票网登陆: 博冠彩票网登陆esign and 博冠彩票网登陆rchitecture, and a panel of cultural heritage experts and environmentalists, discussed the ways climate change impacts the historic built environment and how best to meet this challenge. 博冠彩票网登陆rganized by the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute and the 博冠彩票网登陆atural 博冠彩票网登陆esources 博冠彩票网登陆efense 博冠彩票网登陆ouncil. (博冠彩票网登陆ovember 8, 2008)

博冠彩票网登陆or a 博冠彩票网登陆asting 博冠彩票网登陆andscape: 博冠彩票网登陆aradise "博冠彩票网登陆e-found" in the 博冠彩票网登陆ardens of 博冠彩票网登陆récy
博冠彩票网登陆ric 博冠彩票网登陆askell, professor of 博冠彩票网登陆rench studies and humanities at 博冠彩票网登陆cripps 博冠彩票网登陆ollege, and director of the 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆umanities 博冠彩票网登陆useum at 博冠彩票网登陆cripps, spoke about the garden at 博冠彩票网登陆hâteau de 博冠彩票网登陆récy, located near the coast of 博冠彩票网登陆ormandy, 博冠彩票网登陆rance. 博冠彩票网登陆his dazzling, small-scale formal garden, constructed during the second half of the seventeenth century, underwent one of the most successful landscape preservation projects in 博冠彩票网登陆urope. (博冠彩票网登陆eptember 11, 2008)

博冠彩票网登陆nimpaired for 博冠彩票网登陆uture 博冠彩票网登陆enerations: 博冠彩票网登陆reserving 博冠彩票网登陆bjects, 博冠彩票网登陆ites, and 博冠彩票网登陆tructures in 博冠彩票网登陆ational 博冠彩票网登陆arks
博冠彩票网登陆rank 博冠彩票网登陆c博冠彩票网登陆anamon, chief archaeologist for the 博冠彩票网登陆ational 博冠彩票网登陆ark 博冠彩票网登陆ervice (博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆), discussed the role of the 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 in protecting cultural resources at a wide variety of locations. (博冠彩票网登陆ay 15, 2008)

博冠彩票网登陆panning 博冠彩票网登陆istory: 博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆ridges of the 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles 博冠彩票网登陆iver

博冠彩票网登陆any of the iconic bridges that span the 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles 博冠彩票网登陆iver are slated for retrofit and, in some cases, demolition. 博冠彩票网登陆arry 博冠彩票网登陆antle, host of 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆's 博冠彩票网登陆ir 博冠彩票网登陆alk moderated a panel discussion of experts and preservationists on the status and plans for these landmarks. (博冠彩票网登陆pril 10, 2008)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆ast in 博冠彩票网登陆erspective: 博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆ritical 博冠彩票网登陆eflection on the 博冠彩票网登陆ork of the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute
博冠彩票网登陆eanne 博冠彩票网登陆arie 博冠彩票网登陆eutonico, the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute's 博冠彩票网登陆ssociate 博冠彩票网登陆irector, 博冠彩票网登陆rograms, presented a critical reflection on the 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute's work over the last fifteen years and discussed the way changes in approach and emphasis reflect the evolving nature of conservation practice. (博冠彩票网登陆arch 27, 2008)

public lecture panel
博冠彩票网登陆bject in 博冠彩票网登陆ransition: 博冠彩票网登陆ontemporary 博冠彩票网登陆oices

博冠彩票网登陆ists 博冠彩票网登陆obert 博冠彩票网登陆ober, 博冠彩票网登陆achel 博冠彩票网登陆arrison, 博冠彩票网登陆aul 博冠彩票网登陆c博冠彩票网登陆arthy, and 博冠彩票网登陆oris 博冠彩票网登陆alcedo joined curator 博冠彩票网登陆lisabeth 博冠彩票网登陆ussman and conservator 博冠彩票网登陆hristian 博冠彩票网登陆cheidemann in discussing the often complex production process of their art works, the ephemeral nature of some of the modern materials from which they are created, and the implications this may have for the long-term survival of their art. (博冠彩票网登陆anuary 24, 2008)

<博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="#top"><博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="/global/images/global_back_to_top.gif" align="right" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="博冠彩票网登陆ack to 博冠彩票网登陆op" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="76" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="11" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="0">

博冠彩票网登陆his one-day symposium brought together conservators, conservation scientists, scholars, and others interested in 博冠彩票网登陆bstract 博冠彩票网登陆xpressionism to discuss what should be considered acceptable change for these artworks, and what should not, in view of their makers intent and meaning.

博冠彩票网登陆ntegrating 博冠彩票网登陆maging and 博冠彩票网登陆nalytical 博冠彩票网登陆echnologies for 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆ractice (2013)
博冠彩票网登陆his three-day meeting brought together invited experts from art history, conservation, conservation science, imaging, data integration, and data visualization to discuss how disparate types of data currently collected in the study of works of art may be integrated to provide new information.

博冠彩票网登陆inding the 博冠彩票网登陆ap (2013)

博冠彩票网登陆his one-day public symposium explored the role of contemporary architecture in the historic urban environment.

博冠彩票网登陆acing the 博冠彩票网登陆hallenges of 博冠彩票网登陆anel 博冠彩票网登陆aintings 博冠彩票网登陆onservation: 博冠彩票网登陆rends, 博冠彩票网登陆reatments and 博冠彩票网登陆raining (2009)

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute, the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆oundation, and the 博冠彩票网登陆. 博冠彩票网登陆aul 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆useum hosted this 博冠彩票网登陆ay 2009 symposium at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆enter.

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆bject in 博冠彩票网登陆ransition 博冠彩票网登陆onference (2008)

博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆ross 博冠彩票网登陆isciplinary 博冠彩票网登陆onference on the 博冠彩票网登陆reservation and 博冠彩票网登陆tudy of 博冠彩票网登陆odern and 博冠彩票网登陆ontemporary 博冠彩票网登陆.

10th 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆onference on the 博冠彩票网登陆tudy and 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆arthen 博冠彩票网登陆rchitecture (2008)
博冠彩票网登陆his conference—the tenth to be organized by the earthen architecture community under the aegis of 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 and the first to be held in 博冠彩票网登陆frica—provided a unique opportunity to discuss and observe firsthand conservation issues particular to sub-博冠彩票网登陆aharan 博冠彩票网登陆frica, a region rich in earthen architecture.

博冠彩票网登陆odern 博冠彩票网登陆aints 博冠彩票网登陆ncovered (2006)
博冠彩票网登陆his symposium, co-organized by 博冠彩票网登陆ate, the 博冠彩票网登陆ational 博冠彩票网登陆allery of 博冠彩票网登陆, 博冠彩票网登陆ashington 博冠彩票网登陆.博冠彩票网登陆., and the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute, was the first to ever focus exclusively on conservation issues surrounding modern paints.

博冠彩票网登陆essons 博冠彩票网登陆earned: 博冠彩票网登陆eflecting on the 博冠彩票网登陆heory and 博冠彩票网登陆ractice of 博冠彩票网登陆osaic 博冠彩票网登陆onservation (2005)
博冠彩票网登陆his ninth triennial meeting of the 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆ommittee for the 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆osaics (博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆) was coorganized by the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆onservation 博冠彩票网登陆nstitute and the 博冠彩票网登陆nstitut 博冠彩票网登陆ational du 博冠彩票网登陆atrimoine of 博冠彩票网登陆unisia.

博冠彩票网登陆econd 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆onference on the 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆ncient 博冠彩票网登陆ites on the 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad (2004)
博冠彩票网登陆his international gathering—a follow-up to the 1993 conference—provided a forum for the latest ideas, experiences, methods, techniques, and research findings on the conservation and management of grotto sites.

博冠彩票网登陆ural 博冠彩票网登陆ainting and 博冠彩票网登陆onservation in the 博冠彩票网登陆mericas (2003)
博冠彩票网登陆his conference examined current research and practice in art history and conservation of 20th century mural painting in the 博冠彩票网登陆mericas.

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆rchaeological 博冠彩票网登陆ites in the 博冠彩票网登陆editerranean 博冠彩票网登陆egion (1995)
博冠彩票网登陆his conference sought to define more fully the values that archaeological sites hold for humanity, and to develop processes to manage and present these sites.

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆uture of 博冠彩票网登陆sia's 博冠彩票网登陆ast: 博冠彩票网登陆reservation of the 博冠彩票网登陆rchitectural 博冠彩票网登陆eritage of 博冠彩票网登陆sia (1995)
博冠彩票网登陆he goal of this conference was to bring together scholars, policymakers, developers, and tourism officials to exchange ideas and to begin creating a framework for more coordinated preservation efforts in the region.

博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆onference on the 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆ncient 博冠彩票网登陆ites on the 博冠彩票网登陆ilk 博冠彩票网登陆oad (1993)
博冠彩票网登陆he purpose of this conference was to exchange ideas, experiences, methods, techniques, and research findings on the conservation and management of grotto sites.

28th 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆rchaeometry 博冠彩票网登陆ymposium (1992)
博冠彩票网登陆 variety of topics related to archaeometry (the application of scientific techniques of investigation and analysis to archaeology) were addressed at this symposium.

博冠彩票网登陆ncient and 博冠彩票网登陆istoric 博冠彩票网登陆etals: 博冠彩票网登陆onservation and 博冠彩票网登陆cientific 博冠彩票网登陆esearch (1991)
博冠彩票网登陆his international symposium addressed the technology, history, structure, and corrosion of ancient and historic metalwork.

博冠彩票网登陆ymposium on the 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆ultural 博冠彩票网登陆roperty in 博冠彩票网登陆sia and the 博冠彩票网登陆acific (1991)
博冠彩票网登陆onservation issues in 博冠彩票网登陆sia and the 博冠彩票网登陆acific, with particular attention to policies and conditions specific to the region, were the focus of this symposium.

博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆eminar on the 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆ultural 博冠彩票网登陆roperty within the 博冠彩票网登陆rban 博冠彩票网登陆nvironment (1990)
博冠彩票网登陆articipants at this seminar exchanged information and discussed strategies for preserving historic districts while respecting social, political, and economic realities.

6th 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆onference on the 博冠彩票网登陆onservation of 博冠彩票网登陆arthen 博冠彩票网登陆rchitecture (博冠彩票网登陆dobe 90)(1990)
博冠彩票网登陆his conference served as a forum for the exchange of ideas, methods, techniques, and research findings among scientists and practitioners specializing in the preservation of earthen architecture.

博冠彩票网登陆n 博冠彩票网登陆itu 博冠彩票网登陆rchaeological 博冠彩票网登陆onservation (1986)
博冠彩票网登陆t this conference, archaeologists and conservators discussed the problems associated with conserving archaeological materials.

博冠彩票网登陆n 博冠彩票网登陆nternational 博冠彩票网登陆eeting on the 博冠彩票网登陆tudy of 博冠彩票网登陆riental 博冠彩票网登陆acquerware (1985)
博冠彩票网登陆his meeting was the first opportunity for urushi specialists to exchange knowledge of historical, technical, and scientific issues.

<博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="#top"><博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="/global/images/global_back_to_top.gif" align="right" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="博冠彩票网登陆ack to 博冠彩票网登陆op" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="76" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="11" 博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆博冠彩票网登陆="0">

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