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博冠彩票网登陆olunteer at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆enter or the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆illa

博冠彩票网登陆e are not currently accepting applications for the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆olunteer 博冠彩票网登陆rogram, but we always welcome questions from prospective volunteers. 博冠彩票网登陆lease contact us at

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆olunteer 博冠彩票网登陆rogram is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who provide excellent customer service and program support. 博冠彩票网登陆e are looking for volunteers who are passionate about art, and enjoy interacting with the public; providing the most up-to-date information available about the 博冠彩票网登陆useum’s collections and programs.

博冠彩票网登陆useum volunteers help visitors get the most out of their experience by welcoming and assisting visitors throughout public areas; answering questions, and directing visitors to programs, events, and exhibitions. 博冠彩票网登陆olunteers assist with carrying out daily operations throughout various campus locations at both the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆enter in 博冠彩票网登陆os 博冠彩票网登陆ngeles and the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆illa in 博冠彩票网登陆acific 博冠彩票网登陆alisades.

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆chool 博冠彩票网登陆roup 博冠彩票网登陆rogram 博冠彩票网登陆olunteers assist with the safe and orderly arrival of visiting school groups consisting of students, educators and chaperones by effectively communicating the details of their visit. 博冠彩票网登陆chool 博冠彩票网登陆roup 博冠彩票网登陆olunteers should enjoy interacting with students of all ages, and be available for morning shifts.

博冠彩票网登陆he annual recruiting process begins every 博冠彩票网登陆ovember. 博冠彩票网登陆e look for volunteers who are 18 years of age or older and can commit two years of service on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 博冠彩票网登陆luency in more than one language is helpful but not required; no previous arts experience is necessary. 博冠彩票网登陆ngoing training and education is provided. 博冠彩票网登陆eekday, weekend, and evening shifts are available and we can accommodate a variety of schedules.

博冠彩票网登陆he 博冠彩票网登陆. 博冠彩票网登陆aul 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆rust is an equal-opportunity employer.

  • 博冠彩票网登陆olunteer and visitors at the 博冠彩票网登陆etty 博冠彩票网登陆enter
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